Sunday, October 28, 2007

Recent News Concerning Holdings

SFK Pulp Fund
Pope and Talbot announced $20 Increase in NBSK pulp effective immediately.

Harvest Natural Resources
Chavez has signed the new conversion agreement for Harvest, eliminating some of the political uncertainty over the stock.
Crude Oil rises to a record $92.40, adding more margin of safety to the Net Present Value calculations.

Fairfax Financial
Since my last update on Fairfax's CDS portfolio 10 days ago, some more bad news has popped up.

Countrywide Loses 1.2 Billion, Expects Turnaround. I'm not so optimistic.
MBIA posts a 3Q Loss.
MGIC slashes dividend 90% after 3rd quarter loss.
AIG may take a 9.8 billion dollar sub-prime mortgage hit. I was not sure when I saw AIG in their CDS portfolio if this position was meant as a hedge for recievables or as an investment. This seems to point to the latter.

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