Friday, August 17, 2007

Pope and Talbot Announces Wood Pulp Increase

"Pope & Talbot, Inc. (NYSE:POP - News) today announces a $20 price increase to its customers in North American and a $30 price increase to its customers in Europe until further notice.

The new prices will be $850 in the North American market and $830 in Europe for its northern bleached softwood (NBSK) grades."


This is continued good news for SFK and the pulp industry. Meanwhile, I count three NBSK pulp producers still in troubled waters, which i define as negative EBITDA's and high leverage. These are Pope and Talbot(825,000 tonnes/year), Tembec(800,000 tonnes), and Catalyst Paper(525,000 tonnes).

Update: Also today, Catalyst announced the shutdown of 320,000 tonnes of yearly pulp production due to the B.C. union strike, which is causing a limitation of fiber in Western Canada.

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