Monday, August 27, 2007

Chou Funds Semi-Annual Report

Francis Chou's 2007 Semi-Annual Report is out along with some interesting commentary. He also made some purchases during the semester, which as far as I could tell were mostly:
(Numbers based on $ cost)

NEW* Alpha Natural Resources 6.3 mil
NEW* Sprint-Nextel 9.4 mil
NEW* Media General 4.3 mil
Sun-Times Media Group Increased from 4.2 mil to 13.9 mil
Watson Pharmaceuticals Increased from 1.4 mil to 11.9 mil
NEW* IDT Corp. 1 mil
NEW* Primus Telecom Debt 25 mil

For reference, Chou manages a total portfolio of 420 million. Overstock continues to be one of his significant holdings, with 36 million invested into it. The new position in Primus debt is also a very large position by Chou's standards.

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