Sunday, May 25, 2008

Time Is Not Money

While on vacation in the Caribbean, a buddy of mine brought up an interesting point last night: time is NOT money. The statement is a gross misconception. With money, you know how much you have. You have a multitude of options which are readily comparable through price tags. You can get more of it by doing work, and you can use it at your discretion. A man can hold off on a purchase and be fairly confident that the option to purchase that good will still be there tomorrow. His inaction will even be compensated.

People treat their time in a similar manner. They often try to forestall their their life and business, believing that these actions can always be done later. But time is not money. Every second, it is being used. Patience with it does not yield any rewards because every second is worth as much as the next. You do not know how much of it you have, but you do know it is always decreasing. And even the hardest working individual can not earn himself more time. All he can hope for is to make the best use of the time he is given.

In short, seize the day.

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