Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A List of Research Ideas from PICO:

A list of holdings from a successful "deep Ben Graham" investor is always a good place to look for research ideas. Through some maneuvering, I was able to get the list of holdings for the insurance subsidiary of PICO Holdings, a value-focused public company (Thanks to the Cheap Stocks blog for the idea). I filtered through the holdings and made a list below of all the ideas that were trading near the purchase price at 12/31/06. These are all small companies. Finding shares in many of these companies is very difficult, and information is even more illusive. The ideas in bold are transparent and relatively liquid.

JG Boswell Company
Cloverleaf Kennel Club 'A'
Extra Space Storage
Hanover Foods Corporation
Laaco Ltd
Merchanges National Properties
Mortgage Oil Corporation
Sadlier (William H)
Stonecutter Mills Corp Class B
Western Areas Ltd.
Bank of Utica
Beverly Hills Bancorp
Exchange Bank of Santa Rosa
First of Long Island Corp
Mechanics Bank of Richmond

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