Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Few Interesting Ideas:

As stated before, value is rare these days- at least by my standards. Below is a list of companies that seem potentially compelling and would be a good place for readers to start researching:

Delta Financial (DFC)- report coming soon(see below)

SFK Pulp Fund (SFK-un.to) - high yield, very low cost operator, limited downside, potential for huge gains from normalization in eastern Canadian fiber costs.

TRX, Inc. (TRXI)- speculative, commands a giant share in travel processing software and has a recurring revenue structure.

Cryptologic (CRYP)- check Value Invesor's Club for investment thesis.

Mills Corp (MLS) - large position by Seth Klarman, havent begun research.

Freddie Mac (FRE)- large position by Pzena, haven't begun research.

Of the above, i hold positions in DFC, SFK, and TRXI. Im currently working on a detailed writeup on Delta Financial to post, although it is taking me longer than expected to get in contact with the management. However, look for this report shortly.

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